Hello Fresh Review 2022: Pros, Cons and Prices

January 7, 2022
Hello Fresh Review 2022: Pros, Cons and Prices

HelloFresh is a stalwart meal kit delivery service in the UK. Having been around for a while now, it must be doing something right to continually attract new customers and retain old ones. But what are those advantages to using Hello Fresh? And how much is HelloFresh UK per box? Here, we answer those questions in our HelloFresh Review for 2022 alongside other questions like is HelloFresh healthy and other important information.

HelloFresh Pros

HelloFresh offers its customers a plethora of benefits that add up to a big convenience gained when using the service.

Wide range of food

The wide variety of menu options on offer each week on the Hello Fresh menu (UK) is staggering. And, it's not only that main meals are varied, but the type of meal you can order also ranges as well. Customers can order lunch, as well as brunch options. Additionally, customers can choose desserts and sides, so it makes eating Hello Fresh food really exciting all the time. Plus, there is an option to order ‘premium’ food too. While that may incur a slight increase in cost, it means you can cook something special at home when the occasion requires.


The meal kit delivery services have to be reliable to be usable in the long term. Customers must be confident that when they order food and recipe boxes from HelloFresh that the company will deliver it on the day they say. Additionally, the right food must be included with few to no errors. HelloFresh does this easily and consistently. The company is highly efficient and competent at what it does. As a result, customers can take huge comfort in knowing that they will not have the added stress of needing to rush to the supermarket to buy food that they had anticipated being delivered by HelloFresh instead.

Chef designed

What’s great about using HelloFresh is that all the recipes have been created by industry experts. That, therefore, means that customers can enjoy chef-designed recipes which are always tasty to eat as well as being certain that their food is well-balanced, nutritionally beneficial and also uses seasonal food. Using seasonal food is a big plus for customers that they may not immediately appreciate. Seasonal food tends to taste better, but we do not always know how to cook with food that is in season. That's where a chef’s expert knowledge comes in. They will have easy and innovative ideas that always create exciting plates of food. The HelloFresh Menu (UK) is one of the best on the market thanks to the experts they employ and means the food you eat is healthier too.


Finally, for HelloFresh to be a long term use for customers it absolutely must be flexible. HelloFresh manages to offer flexibility by allowing customers to skip weeks for delivery and vary the number of recipes they want each week too. That means customers are never overpaying for food they do not eat when they are on holiday, for example. It also means that in weeks when a customer is out for supper a lot more or less than usual, they can order the correct amount accordingly. And easily too.

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HelloFresh Cons

There are, of course, always going to be some negatives to a product for some people. Thankfully, when it comes to HelloFresh, the disadvantages are ones that plague the industry in general. The following cons are not specific to HelloFresh.


HelloFresh delivers its food in packaging as that is what food standards often require. As many of their ingredients are pre-portioned into small sizes, that consequently means that there is more packaging waste than when cooking with food bought from a traditional supermarket. However, the company is looking to reduce its packaging waste by 20% since its 2017 levels which has meant they have removed all black plastic (which is hard to recycle), and replaced trays with skin packs. A lot of its packaging is also made of recycled materials and the company tries as much as possible to include packaging that is recyclable too.

Added cost

There is no denying that, when you buy a box from HelloFresh at full price, it is a more expensive way of doing grocery shopping than the traditional means. However, HelloFresh prices (UK wise) are extremely competitive against the market and when offers are used can even be comparable to how much a weekly shop from a supermarket would be. Plus, the more you buy through the company, the lower the cost per serving you achieve. Plus, the headline prices do not take into account all the intangible savings you make from saving time and effort. So much stress is eradicated.

HelloFresh Prices

So, how much is HelloFresh UK really? In reality, HelloFresh prices (UK-wise) are not expensive. It may be a little bit more per box than a traditional grocery shop, but that is only at a headline level. If you put a price on how much your time is worth and, given that you save so much time using these boxes, you can really save a great deal of money through a HelloFresh subscription.

As a general guide, HelloFresh for 2 people buying 3 recipes a week will cost £2.25 per servicing with an introductory deal, or £4.50 per serving when no deal is applied to the final cost. At the other end of the spectrum, a household buying a box for 4 people with 5 recipes, will cost £1.62 with an introductory offer, and £3.25 without.

In Conclusion

To summarise, HelloFresh is a reliable option for those looking to streamline their food shopping and catering for their household. The prices are competitive in comparison to traditional grocery shopping, yet the service as a whole provides so many different conveniences that it is a great idea for so many people.

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