Latest HelloFresh Recipes - January 2023

January 20, 2023
Latest HelloFresh Recipes - January 2023

The powers that be over at Hello Fresh churn out a huge number of different recipes each month so that its customers never get bored of what’s on offer. This January is no exception, with the chefs and nutritionists working together to ensure that the HelloFresh meals list this month is as strong as ever. 

We’ve tried out a whole load of the new additions and any old favourites to ensure that the quality remains as high as we’ve enjoyed before. When it comes to HelloFresh alternatives, we have often found that ingredient quality is a lot poorer or the recipe selection is not as broad. It’s always great to see HelloFresh showing the food box sector how it's done when it comes to delivering a fantastic service time and time again. They consistently answer the question ‘is HelloFresh worth it’ with a resounding positive response.

Here are our favourites from the HelloFresh meals list this month:

HelloFresh meals list in January

We tried a vast range of the new options on offer at HelloFresh - including many different veggie and pescatarian meals. We loved all of them and thought they were a brilliant addition to the choices available. None of the below will ever leave your taste buds wanting!

Honey Harissa Root Vegetable Tray Bake with Bulgur, Cranberries and Goat’s Cheese

This veggie recipe shows that even root vegetables become exciting with the right ingredients. Honey and harissa are a match made in heaven yet are rarely used together by the standard chef in Britain. Harrisa adds a bit of spice whilst honey brings a sweetness to the dish that will keep younger tastebuds happy. What’s great about this recipe is that a lot of the work is done by your oven with minimal prep work required by yourself. 

The cranberries lift the dish with even more sweetness, though their natural tang ensures that the recipe doesn’t start to wade into dessert territory. The goat’s cheese gives the dish some protein as well as a creaminess to satiate the appetite. Finally, using bulgur wheat is a great alternative to more standard grains like rice or couscous - yet it holds its shape really well in the oven. In short, you’d be mad not to try this tasty, yet quick-to-prepare dish. 

Rosemary Lamb and Mushroom Rigatoni with Creamy Sauce and Cheese

Lamb is often a little underused as an addition to pasta dishes, yet including it here ensures that your household will get a range of protein in their diet, alongside the traditional ingredients such as pasta. Also, lamb is usually a very expensive ingredient, so using it here in a ragu style sauce means you get the taste of lamb, and its nutritional benefits, without having to pay through the nose for it.

Also, having it in a creamy sauce, with lots of tasty cheese, means that any fussy eaters will be kept happy at supper time. You’ll then not have to worry that some of your household goes hungry or that you have to rustle up another dish that includes something that they like. While mushrooms can sometimes be a divisive ingredient, they are used here to give a slight umami flavour but you otherwise wouldn’t know that they were there. Mushroom haters are therefore likely to eat even this dish, which you can prepare and get on the table in no time at all. 

Veggie Laksa Soup with Mushrooms, Bell Pepper and Peanuts

This veggie laden dish means you don’t have to worry about whether you have eaten your five a day or not. It takes under half an hour to prepare, with bell peppers providing so many of your needed vitamins and minerals. What’s also great about this recipe is that it’s packed with lots of protein thanks to coconut milk and peanut butter. Plus, with the addition of ginger, garlic and lemongrass, as well as Hello Fresh’s thai style spice blend, the entire soup is jam packed with flavour that will make you want to lick the bowl.

Carbs come in the form of egg noodles for the recipe, which means you’ll all be happily slurping away at supper time. That’s great for keeping youngsters entertained, though you may want to provide the messiest eaters with a bib or too. And, while this recipe also calls for mushrooms to be added, because the thai flavouring is so fragrant, you’ll likely find that any resident mushroom haters will gobble them up when chowing down on this delicious laksa style soup.

Beef Rogan Josh Style Curry with Peppers and Ginger Rice

Curries are great at this time of year after we have all had so much gluttony in the form of cheese, roast potatoes, bread sauce and gravy. The flavourings in the rogan josh style dish will cut through any overindulged taste buds and make them zing again. It’s also pretty quick to make as the beef is in minced form which has the added benefit of making chewing easier - a helpful hand for those with young ones in the family who find chewing beef difficult. 

Again, this recipe includes bell peppers, so there’s plenty of vitamins included which is also thanks to the tomato passata. And, the basmati rice has been given an interesting lift with the inclusion of ginger. Ginger helps cut through lots of flavours, so this keeps things light, while a dollop of greek style natural yoghurt on the side helps cool down any overly hot tongues! 

Korma Spiced Salmon Tacos and Cumin Fries with Mango Slaw and Tomato Salad

Using ingredients in a new and innovative way is one of HelloFresh’s biggest strengths and why it remains a leader amongst HelloFresh alternatives. These tacos are ludicrously easy to make, yet one of the tastiest things we list here. Using korma spices to flavour the salmon means that this typically Mexican-style dish has a twist included - helped even more by the mango slaw where you’ll find lots of your five a day. Plus, as the slaw is already cut up for you, there is very little for you to do in terms of prep.

The potatoes, cut into chips and flavoured with cumin, demonstrate how chefs at HelloFresh are constantly thinking outside the box and stretching the potential of all ingredients. Providing some slow burning carbs makes this dish exceptionally filling, particularly given the plain taco tortillas for the salmon and veg. It’s a great option therefore for a luxurious dinner night - even though it does not take a lot of input from you as the chef. 

Thyme roasted Chicken with Roasted Veg and Red Pepper Chilli Glaze

While we love to see innovation throughout the HelloFresh meals list, it’s also great to see some classics on the menu. While this one does push the boundaries of how you may have roasted a chicken before, with the red pepper chilli glaze, what’s great is that there are still lots of ingredients that less adventurous taste buds would be happy to try. 

Chicken breast is the meat that is roasted, while carrots and potatoes, as well as some onions and peppers, are the veg. Chicken breast is usually popular with those who like plainer food, and importantly it is far quicker to cook than an entire chicken. If you’re worried that the red pepper chilli glaze isn’t right for everyone in your household, it’s easily left off and simply added at the end so that this is an easily adaptable meal to suit all. Plus, it’s Weight Watchers recommended - so it’s great to see you can still have a roast, without the unnecessary guilt.  

Breaded Sea Bass and Chips with Zesty Garlic Mayo and Baby Leaf Salad

We finish our recommendations with another twist on a classic, with this fish and chips dish - elevated to a new level thanks to the inclusion of the zesty garlic mayo and kept far healthier by having salad with it as opposed to just more chips. It’s a perfectly balanced dish - in terms of its nutritional value but also flavour. The breadcrumbs, the special panko type, have extra zing thanks to the inclusion of flat leaf parsley, while the garlic mayo has a creaminess with a slice of lemon on the side providing the perfect accompaniment to fish. 

The baby leaf mix has plenty of peppery style leaves and provides you with some vitamins and minerals too. The fish is great for lean protein and the chips, as they are baked at home, are far healthier than any you would find in a chip shop. Definitely one to try as a midweek meal or even for fish Friday!

Is HelloFresh worth it this January?

In short, absolutely. We constantly appraise HelloFresh alternatives to see whether there’s a food box delivery company worth switching to. While companies like Gousto and Green Chef are great, we think that the above dishes are a brilliant reason to try Hello Fresh this January. 

So is HelloFresh worth it? Yes, give it a go to overhaul how you cater for yourself and your family this month.