New Year, New Diet Regime: Is HelloFresh Healthy?

January 11, 2023
New Year, New Diet Regime: Is HelloFresh Healthy?

We all do it. After a heavily indulgent festive period, the New Year rolls around and we vow to overhaul our diets. In the past, that may have been with losing weight as our sole purpose. However, nowadays, there is a better, wider understanding that our diet not only helps us keep trim, but also helps us feel better about ourselves. Meals are there to give us energy, not feel sluggish. 

But even though we know that good meals can help us feel great, some of us struggle to make meals that keep us on a new healthy eating regime. In fact, many of us quickly stop eating healthily as our knowledge of what constitutes a tasty and also nutritionally valuable meal isn’t vast. 

Companies like HelloFresh UK often proclaim that they can help customers change their lives for the better, simply by signing up to receive a regular HelloFresh recipe box. However, we feel that Hello Fresh, the original meal kits company, is hard to beat when it comes to helping people not only start on a healthy eating regime, but stick to it too. 

Here we look at why HelloFresh's meal kit delivery service in particular, and not just companies like Hello Fresh, is so good at supporting users to stay on their dietary track. 

What does HelloFresh offer?

Fundamentally, HelloFresh’s key offering is a crucial way that customers can help themselves eat premium meals while potentially losing weight. That’s because HelloFresh delivers fresh ingredients to your door, for you to turn into a delicious meal. You make the recipe choices that you want to make each week, and you create them following the easy to follow instructions on the recipe cards provided. Once your

The HelloFresh box you receive contains all the ingredients you need to prepare your meal. Crucially, these are pre portioned ingredients, which has two benefits. Firstly, you're never tempted to eat over-sized portions. Secondly, there is less food waste, meaning you're doing your bit for the planet too.

All refrigerated ingredients come packed in special ice packs, which we know from experience will stay cold and fresh for at least 24 hours if you don't have a chance (or just forget!) to pop your cold items in the fridge. (It's also worth saying that we've never had any issue with missing ingredients, so if you have, we'd love to hear about your experience).

How HelloFresh delivers fresh produce to your door.
How HelloFresh delivers fresh produce to your door.

On the HelloFresh website, choose how many recipes per week you want (it ranges between two and five recipes) and how many people you want it for. (these range from two to four people). With this, it tells you how many servings you'll receive in your HelloFresh box.

By providing you with an easy, straightforward way to cook premium meals at home, it prevents you from turning to convenience food. Ready-meals and highly processed food are quick to make, but they’re laden in preservatives, sugar and salt. Their nutritional value is nowhere near what it should be to keep you healthy. Plus, they may not be as filling as a meal made with fresh ingredients. 

A HelloFresh meal delivery service is convenient, though. You don’t have to do any grocery shopping to follow the recipes on their meals list, and, crucially, you don’t have to do any meal planning to ensure that each meal fits in with your dietary requirements. Instead, you know that each and every recipe you choose from Hello Fresh has been designed with a chef and a nutritionist. The mixture means that not only is the final dish good for you and well-balanced, it’s delicious too. 

You’ll soon start to find that eating healthily is not a chore, but can be a pleasurable experience too. As a result, HelloFresh can help you eat well - both in terms of nutrition and taste - so you stick to your new diet regime. For good. 

HelloFresh Recipe Choices

One of the main reasons that HelloFresh provides such good dietary support to its customers is that these food categories help take any complications out of eating well. With your HelloFresh subscription, you can choose from any of the following meal kit categories:

Family Friendly

One of the difficulties that many of us have with catering is cooking for a crowd - many of whom have different tastes or special dietary requirements. So often, that can mean turning to convenience food to get meals on the table - assembled from different packets in the fridge to keep everyone happy. It can make giving everyone fresh food hard when you have a family to feed, but HelloFresh recipes are so delicious and varied in their Family Friendly range, you don’t have to fear meal times again. 

Instead, you can be happy in the knowledge that each evening you can give any kids or family members yummy meals that are not only nutritious but they will all want to eat too. As the Hello Fresh meals list is so varied and updated so regularly, you don’t have to worry about any taste buds getting bored, but you also don’t have to worry about trying to serve your little ones the ‘latest craze ‘ in food.

Instead, the chefs and nutritionists behind the scenes at the company know what kids love, so your family box will always contain recipe cards for meals that hit the mark with everyone.

Calorie Smart Recipes

Out of all the dietary categories that Hello Fresh uses for its meal kits, this is the most obvious one that can help you if your dietary goal is to lose weight. Reducing calorie intake has long been seen as one of the ways you can shed pounds, but for so many people it has historically meant that they only ever eat salads for the majority of their meals. 

HelloFresh stops the need for that with this category by providing customers with a plethora of dishes that are all under 600 calories. While the list sometimes includes salads, those too are delicious. The result is that you don’t even realise you are eating a dish that is low in calories - because it’s not low on flavour. 

So, not only do you actively enjoy your meals, you also are far less likely to return to old habits. You won’t try to just eat a few lettuce leaves and little more for your meals, only to turn to the biscuit tin later when you are horrendously hungry. You’ll simply not notice that you are eating better - or if you do, it’s because you have more energy from well designed meals that keep you full for longer.

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Mostly Meat Recipes

The mostly meat classic box at Hello Fresh is probably the most traditional option that the HelloFresh UK offers. However, it’s still exceptionally important to include them in their product offering as it shows people how to eat a balanced diet while also helping them eat meat that is ethically sourced and has been reared to higher welfare standards. 

Importantly, too, the infinite range of recipes available week in, week out on the Hello Fresh meals list, expands a person’s repertoire in the kitchen so that for the night’s that they are not using Hello Fresh, they have the competence and knowledge to stick to their new dietary regime. 

Veggie Recipes

It could be that your new diet regime isn’t actually to do with losing weight or trying to get healthier. It could be that you simply want support cutting out meat from your diet. Whatever the reason behind wanting to become vegetarian, it can be hard to do at first if you have little knowledge of how to make healthy meals that centre around good quality ingredients other than beef or chicken. 

HelloFresh’s vegetarian options are, therefore, some of the great meal options as the company designs new vegetarian recipes every week for you to try. It means that you will never get bored and instead find meal times equally as delicious as before you started cutting out animal-based protein. Or, if you are already a veggie, but simply need more culinary inspiration, Hello Fresh can help re-energise your love of cooking. 

Quick Cooking Recipes

While all the other dietary categories are important as part of HelloFresh’s product offering, the quick cooking range is particularly vital to its customers who have turned to the company to help make their lives easier. By having a quick cook range, the company ensures that it remains the ultimate convenience so that the majority of alternatives to Hello Fresh fade into the distance. 

Having a quick cook range means that as a customer, you know that your meals will be straightforward to make, and on the table in no time at all. It means that you will never be tempted simply to whack a piazza in the oven or get a ready meal on your way home from work. Instead, you know that when you get home, all the ingredients for delicious meals are in your fridge, so you won’t fall back into bad habits. Sticking to your new diet regime of eating healthy, fresh meals, is therefore much more achievable.

HelloFresh Costs

Prices depend on how many meals you order, and range from £28.49 per week (three recipes for two people) to £62.99 per week (five recipes for four people) .

For that, you don't have to do any food shopping, plan any meals, or worry about having a healthy meal. Recipe cards contains step by step instructions and, if you like the recipe, you can file away that recipe card to use again and again!

Delivery costs £3.99 (you can choose your delivery day, although delivery times during the day may vary.)

HelloFresh are always, too, on the lookout for new customers, and usually have some kind of a discount on. For example 50% off your first box, and the next box comes free... things like that.

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Is Hello Fresh Healthy?

HelloFresh review well amongst their customers.
HelloFresh review well amongst their customers.

Without a doubt, adding HelloFresh to your life is a choice you’ll not regret. Unlike many alternatives to HelloFresh, the company always delivers on its promise to provide delicious recipes made with the best ingredients. Alternatives to Hello Fresh often scrimp on the quality of their ingredients and offer many recipes with cheap fillers which are not often good for sticking to a well-balanced diet. 

HelloFresh aimed to help keep dinner and lunch times fun and interesting, with minimal effort needed from you to stick to your new diet regime, and we believe they've achieved that. In fact, your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to stick to your new way of life will be bolstered, easily, further helping your ability to stay with your dietary requirements on the nights that you don’t have one of Hello Fresh’s meal boxes.

Head over to our full review of HelloFresh, compare it to all the other best meal kit delivery services we cover, and order your first box today. We guarantee you'll not only start to enjoy cooking again, but you'll definitely eat more healthily too.

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