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Created to complement the IDDSI framework, Alimento customers are provided with frozen meals that are nutritionally balanced and soft in texture.
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Alimento has been started by the company BirdsEye in a bid to make eating soft food that much easier for the legions of people that have difficulty eating meals. Led by nutritionists and NHS health professionals, the range of food and drink offered hopes to bridge the gap between convenience food and health food of this specific dietary requirement.

The company is guided by the IDDSI framework which allocates ratings to how textured or lumpy food is. Zero being a plate of food that has been heavily pureed to a liquid. 7 being a meal full of lumps and texture. All meals are created with a firm eye on providing all the necessary nutrients and vitamins people need to lead a healthy life. Additionally, Alimento is committed to using high quality ingredients so customers can be certain they are eating the best food possible.

Providing food for those that need meals soft, Alimento makes eating nutritious and tasty meals easy.

How to Get Started

The Alimento service is pretty straightforward. Customers can go on to the website and add products to their basket that they see and want to eat. Orders can be made online, but the company also has a phone service where customers can order as well. The phone service can be particularly helpful with the products that Alimento sells. Given that some individuals will have different requirements - but uncertain as to how that matches to where they are on the IDDSI framework - it can be useful to work through the issue with a person on the phone. A lot of the food available can be modified by the user easily for their own swallowing needs. The main meals are easily mashable with a fook or cut up into smaller pieces.

Additionally, the company has a catalogue that users can refer to when ordering. Finally, all customers have to do is pick a delivery day. Deliveries are contactless so customers do not have to be in to receive them. Food is kept fresh in special insulated boxes which will ensure that the frozen food remains frozen. From placing an order to when it is delivered, customers can expect food to be with ithm in around 48 hours. Plus, for anything over £20, delivery is free.

The whole process is simple and effective - customers will be able to navigate their way through it fairly quickly and it is easily accessible to all.

Get Started

Customer Service

Alimento’s customer service is easily reached through its contact us page as well as over the phone. The dedicated team of staff are helpful at answering questions either via email or when talking directly to customers on the telephone. Additionally, it has an extensive FAQs page which is aimed at both carers and patients alike. It currently has a blog page that does not have a lot of articles yet published, but what is there is highly useful - especially to those at the beginning of their journey dealing with softened food.



Trying to gain a well balanced diet when having to eat soft food can be extremely difficult. Alimento has moved to help solve that problem by offering its range of frozen foods, drinks, soups and baked goods. The convenience that the company provides is a massive benefit to all that use the service. For either carers or patients, it can take a lot of hassle out of food preparation as well as ensuring that all food groups are included in a person’s diet. Plus, it’s great to see the company working alongside NHS professionals to design these meals for those that need them.

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