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By preparing 100% plant-based meals created by a team of chefs, straight to your door, All Plants makes it easy to be Vegan.
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The team at All Plants started up their meal delivery service in an effort to make being Vegan more accessible, more convenient and more interesting. Their aim is not just to cater to those strictly following a Vegan lifestyle, but to try to cater to those who want just a few vegan meals a week too. They passionately believe that the entire world should be eating more plants - both for people’s wellbeing and also for the wellbeing of the planet.

They feel that if more individuals are eating more Vegan meals, more of the time, the world would be far better off and closer to achieving its climate change goals. As a result, customers can expect boxes full of plant based food that is delivered in sustainable packaging.

Making being Vegan easy by providing 100% plant-based meals straight to your door.

How to Get Started

While the guys at All Plants are trying to encourage us to change things up by going Vegan a few times a week at least, they’re also not trying to reinvent the wheel either. As a result, ordering from All Plants is as easy as it should be - the website is clear, straightforward and easy to understand.

Like other meal delivery services, there are a number of options you start making from the first step in building your delivery box. For All Plants, they start with choosing the amount of servings you need for each meal. Unusually, All Plants caters for the single person and makes portion sizes for just one. Not many meal kit delivery services do this - instead the smallest size meals they provide usually starts at a two person portion. There is also the option to have a meal made for two people on All Plants, but no bigger.

From there, the website takes you through to its menu page which has an extensive range of over 30 dishes to pick from. The meal choices are set out in a clear way which makes all the options look enticing - Vegan or not. It is possible simply to click on each meal that tickles your fancy - without too much thought. For those, however, who have strict dietary requirements, it is quick to see what is in each dish by clicking through to the recipe card. It has a long list of ingredients in each dish, with allergens highlighted in bold for ease. It does go further than that however and tells you some interesting information about each dish too. For example, what nutrients the meal is high in - be it iron, vitamin C or protein, or all three. You can also find the calorie content of each meal too if you need.

The site then takes you through to pages where you can add any extras you would like. Those extras include putting any sides, breakfasts, treats or smoothies into your box. The company makes more sides than any other category of their added extras, but it means that if you are really pushed for time and want even more convenience, eating a plant-based diet at all meal times of your day is possible with just this company.

Finally, you have to pick how frequently your box is delivered ( from 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6  weeks). Standard delivery is free and comes on a day you choose in a one hour allotted time. If you want it on a Saturday, it will cost an additional £2.50. If you’re not in for your delivery, food will stay frozen in the insulated boxes until 10pm on the day of delivery. The boxes are fully recyclable.

From that point, you go on to sign up to a subscription by paying for your box. Subscriptions are easily paused or cancelled at any time with no extra charges incurred as there is no contract that you are locking yourself into. If you continue with your subscription and have All plants delivered on a  regular basis, you need to choose what’s in your box by a certain time each week - or the company will happily pick a selection for you.

Get Started

Customer Service

The company does not appear to have a live chatbot, but in all other ways has excellent customer service. The FAQs page is thorough, and easy to navigate. Contacting the company is easy to do too - with contact details clearly visible on the company’s website.

Plus, its whole ethos is very approachable. It is not at all preachy in ways that it could well be. Instead, it really is simply trying to promote this type of diet for only a few meals a week. It is not trying to convert customers to a total Vegan lifestyle at any point. Instead, it provides honest and open advice on how to be Vegan - as well as letting a highly ethical way of working pervade everything they do. Their packaging is all recyclable for example.



All Plants is a great option for those that are short of time and want to start eating more plant-based meals more of the time. As novices to this diet are not aware of the range of Vegan suitable foods available on the market - and how they can be utilised in dishes - they can find it very limiting at times. However, All Plants can open their eyes as well as simply make life that much easier for those that do not always have the time to make a meal from scratch.

While meal delivery kit services are getting better at offering Vegan options on their menu, there is never a huge selection. All Plants is therefore a great alternative - although that little bit more expensive given that the meals are premade. However, you get the ultimate convenience as a result and simply get to enjoy restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home.

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