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Balance Box is a quick way to revolutionise how you eat. By sending customers convenient meal kits each week, healthy eating has never been so easy.
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Balance Box was started in an effort to provide customers with convenient food that is also tasty and healthy. Originally starting out as a tailor-made meal delivery plan for private clients, Balance Box began to open up nutritious meals to a wider audience. As a result, customers can access pre-made food that is quick and easy to put onto a plate to eat.

Recipes are put together by a wide range of nutritionists and chefs, meaning that customers can be confident that their diet is well balanced. Additionally, all meals delivered are ethically sourced. As a result, customers can expect free-range chicken and sustainably sourced fish or seafood. Plus, food is organic where at all possible as well as sourced locally. The reduction in carbon footprint is therefore that much more.

By sending customers convenient meal kits each week, healthy eating has never been so easy thanks to Balance Box.

How to Get Started

As should be the case with any reputable meal kit delivery service, signing up to Balance Box’s plans is very straightforward. Its website is geared up towards even the biggest technophobe, meaning that anyone and everyone will find choosing a plan that works for them a breeze.

Initially, all users are asked to choose their ‘menu’. By this, the company means choosing whether you want their Classic Box, their Pescatarian Box, their Vegetarian Box or their Free From Box. The Classic box includes everything and anything, while the free from box includes balanced meals that are made without meat, fish, gluten and cow’s diary. Users who choose the latter should note that the company is at pains to maintain that their boxes are all made in the same environment - for that reason, they cannot sell their free from the box as being totally without gluten or dairy. Some small amount may be included making it unsuitable for those with a severe allergy as opposed to a mild intolerance.

After choosing the type of menu required, customers are asked to choose between the light plan and the market plan. In doing so, they are choosing what portion size will work for them. Some of us have a bigger appetite than others, which is why this step is such a good one. Not all meal delivery services cater to different portion sizes. It also helps those that are trying to maintain a calorie-controlled diet. The lighter plan comes in at 1200-1300 calories a day, while the market plan comes in at 1700-1800 a day.

Food is then delivered twice a week and you don’t have to be in to collect it. Depending on where you live, will have a bearing on what day your food is delivered. For those outside of London, deliveries take place on Thursdays for a three day box of food, and those that have a four day box of food will get their food on Sundays. For those inside the Capital, three day boxes are delivered on Fridays in time for breakfast! Then, the four day box is delivered on Mondays, again in time for breakfast. Customers can choose, however, if they want enough food for every day of the week, or they simply want a three day box or a four day box.

The flexibility in the number of meals you want to be delivered is a good option for the company to have built-in. Plus, customers can choose a subscription-based service or a one-off. It means that users can choose a plan that works for them and their budget. The downside to how this company provides food is that customers do not pick what meals they have each week.

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Customer Service

The Balance Box customer service team does not hide behind automated chat systems. Their contact page allows you to submit an email with any query as well as clearly providing a general enquiries email as well as a telephone number. The phone line is open from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Account holders can also contact the team through their online accounts. The FAQ page is also extensive on the company’s website.

One extra bonus to the Balance Box product is that the company publishes its recipes online. That’s great as the company is heavily entrenched in trying to educate its customers that healthy eating does not have to be boring or about starving themselves. Instead, it wants to encourage customers to eat well even when not eating one of the prepared meals they provide.

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Balance Box has a large selection of celebrity endorsements and raving reviews from notable publications like the Sunday Times Magazine and Vogue for good reason. The food delivered makes sustaining a healthy diet and way of living easy - which is so often where many fall down. Convenience food is ordinarily laden with fat, sugar and salt - with no nutritional benefits to talk of. Balance Box is different. It sends clients food with delicious combination of flavours - keeping both tastebuds and appetites satiated.

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