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Diet-to-Go can help anyone achieve their weight loss goals so they can lead a healthy life through its portion-controlled meal plans created by its team of experts.
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Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service with a difference. It sends fully prepared meals to customers’ front doors that stick to a strict diet plan. The result is that customers find it far easier to stay on any new regime designed to help them lose weight. By eradicating the common issues that cause so many people to quit their diets, Diet To Go aims to support its customers.

It does so by delivering delicious meals that are already calorie controlled, among many other restrictions that people may have to live with. Due to the variety and quality of the meals involved, people do not get bored and do not feel hungry - allowing them to stay on the straight and narrow while losing weight.

Diet-to-Go helps anyone achieve their weight loss goals through its portion-controlled meal plans.

How To Get Started

Diet-to-Go does not reinvent the wheel when it comes to their sign up process. Like the majority of their competitors, they know that flexibility and simplicity is key. To begin with, customers need to pick a meal plan. They are Balance, Balance Diabetes, Keto Carb30 and Vegetarian. From there, it is then up to potential customers to choose either a 5 day or 7 day plan which includes two or three meals a day. If a customer chooses two meals a day, those meals will be lunch and supper. It is only the three meals a day option that includes breakfast.

Once a customer has done all this, they enter their address and how they would like to pay. It is then that a customer can amend what dishes are their preference. Meals are then delivered on a weekly basis, but importantly, customers can choose to cancel their subscription at any time as well as pause it. When meals are delivered will depend on where the customer lives. However, what’s great about Diet To Go is that they deliver nationwide and there is even a pick up service in certain areas. The meals that are delivered are freezable for up to 30 days and can stay fresh in the fridge for a week.

Most meals only require 2 to 3 minutes warming up in a microwave, though some can also be eaten cold depending on the meal.

Get Started

Customer Service

Diet-to-Go's customer service is very helpful when you get in contact with them. All staff on call will be able to help customers make amendments to their plans to help them fit in better with any lifestyle. So, if you have a severe allergy they should be able to find a way round it. But also, if you simply cannot stand the taste of some foods, they’ll ensure that it is not included in your delivery.

All that being said, the website is a little lacking when it comes to FAQs, which is usually a section that meal delivery services excel in. The website in this area feels a little clunky - though the FAQs that they do answer are thorough and useful. However, its blog is a good resource and very interesting in the articles that it publishes.



Diet-to-Go is definitely a very convenient option for those looking to lose weight in a calorie controlled way yet feel they need support. It could be that that support comes in the form of simple time saving or it may be that customers need help creating dishes that are low enough in calories. Diet-to-Go is great for people who lack the time and the knowledge to create three meals a day that are healthy and nutritious and will help them attain their food goals. Importantly, the website is intuitive, making purchasing from the company a breeze and it is also a little cheaper than other weight loss programs out there. Finally, despite the low calorie count, the meals are tasty and use high quality ingredients.

Ultimately, though, customers who use this service to help with long term weight loss, should have a plan in place for what they will do when they have lost the weight. Returning to a more normal level of calories may result in weight gain, yet staying on a low calorie diet forever, like the ones Diet-to-Go offer, is not a sustainable option.

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