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Ingredients are delivered to customers already peeled, chopped and marinated - so that food can be on the table in under 15 minutes.
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Gobble is a meal kit delivery service with a slight difference. Whereas meal delivery kits tend to either send you fully prepped meals or just the bare ingredients, Gobble send them to customers fully prepped. The result is that meals are more of an assembly job as opposed to just reheating them in the microwave - or starting from scratch with all the relevant parts. The only thing customers really need is their own oil, salt and pepper.

The company has aimed to make all its food fast to cook with dinner on the table in just 15 minutes. The onus is on providing its clients with quality ingredients so there is no need to measure chop or peel. Instead, they simply have time on their hands to spend enjoying eating and being with other members of their household.

Delivering prepped ingredients to customers so that food can be on the table in under 15 minutes.

How to Get Started

Gobble has made signing up to its subscription service very easy - to be in line with how their product is there to make life easy for you. The website is clear and logical. It leads new customers through the sign up process easily and painlessly. You simply have to follow the steps the company lay out before you.

In those steps, you choose what type of plan you want. That plan is based on how many people you want to cater for. Gobble has just two options: two people and four people. Then within that plan, you can choose yourself a selection of meals from the company’s menu. They list them under the titles Classic, Vegetarian and Lean & Clean. The classic includes dishes for people who eat anything and everything; the vegetarian is self explanatory; the Lean & Clean is for those that want to keep their dinners under 600 calories.

You pick the amount of nights you want a Gobble meal for your dinner. You can choose from 3 to 4 in your weekly delivery. You can pick in advance what options you want, but also the company can automatically pick for you if you have not submitted your preferences in time. You can also up the amount of meals you have delivered each week and the company also has an extensive list of sides, soups and desserts too.

Food then arrives at your door in pre prepped bags. So if you have a recipe that calls for chopped onions, Gobble will not just send you the onion. Instead, it will be sliced or diced - or however the recipe needs it to be. It is also already weighed out, so any ingredients can be just thrown into a pan or bowl as and when required.

Food stays fresh when delivered as it comes in a box well insulated with recyclable ice packs. It keeps all ingredients fresh until you can throw them in your refrigerator.

Get Started

Customer Service

Customer service is where meal kit delivery companies can really set themselves apart from their competitors - to ensure repeat custom in an increasingly saturated market. While Gobble’s offering is slightly different from other meal kit deliveries services in that the food comes prepared for cooking with, it is not so different that it cannot ignore the need for a good customer service offering. While the customer service it does provide is totally fine, it certainly does not shine out from the rest of its peers.

There is sadly only a bot online chat function available. Its online form to submit a query is functional, but nothing more. Answers are not immediate but they do eventually come through.

Phoning the company is perhaps the best option with reps on hand to help customers from 5 am to 8pm Monday to Friday Pacific Standard Time). At the weekends, they are available from 5am to 1pm. There is an extensive FAQs page however which does answer many questions fully and thoroughly. As ever though, it is often a case of finding the question first which takes a while.



Gobble comes in a little more expensive than other meal kit delivery services - but it does save customers that little bit more time too. Plus, while there is an increase in price by a couple of dollars on average per meal, that is not hugely more. It could be that to some particularly time strapped individuals that that is worth the extra expenditure. Or to some with a higher budget, the slight increase is negligible anyway.

However, Gobble also offers benefits to others other than a bigger time saver in comparison to many of its competitors. It is a good meal kit delivery service to start with if you are just getting into cooking but very nervous in the kitchen. Plus, it provides customers with the opportunity to have convenience food without all the added extras that convenience food so often has - like too much salt or sugar. With Gobble food, customers are still in the driving seat and know what is in each and every of the meals. Even if they are not on the Lean & Clean plan, they may still find that they feel the health benefits of eating fresh, nutritionally balanced food.

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