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With over 50 recipes on offer each week, Gousto provides a huge variety of recipes and cuisines each week, for customers who are short on time.
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Gousto is an option for individuals who are trying to remove the stress from meal planning or grocery shopping for themselves and their families. By offering a wide range of recipes answering the needs of many different dietary requirements, customers can enjoy having simple recipe kits delivered to their front door. Gousto delivers fresh ingredients for nutritionally balanced recipes from a number of its trusted suppliers so that customers can be assured they are making meals that are good for them or their families.

Gousto offers a huge amount of cuisines and recipes each week to time strapped customers wanting delicious food.

How to Get Started

Gousto is an exceptionally easy to use meal kit delivery service. The website is intuitive and customers can easily choose what recipes they want with a subscription plan that works for them. You simply follow the steps the site takes you through.

First, you choose the size of box you require (2 person or family), then you add what recipes you want each week. You can choose 2,3, or 4 meals in either box. The more you choose, the lower your per serving cost becomes. Choosing the recipes that are right for you is quick and painless thanks to the easy-to-use filters at the top of the recipe choice page. The company manages to highlight easily what recipes are quick, which are vegetarian or which are a good everyday favourite for example. It’s also possible to choose totally ready-made meals on the page. At the moment, the company offers those ready-made meals from Charlie Bigham’s range.

You can choose when you want your box delivered each week and it will be delivered to your door in an insulated box that means you do not have to sign for it. The food inside will remain fresh until you return home to put it in the fridge. If you know you won’t need the delivery one week, or you simply don’t need as many recipes, you can amend your choices accordingly. Skipping deliveries is quick to do through your account page and pausing your delivery is painless too.

The recipes themselves are often suitable for even the most hesitant of cooks. Very little is needed in terms of equipment in your kitchen and most people will be able to get by with just a couple of pots and pans, some oil, salt and pepper and a knife and board. That’s a big bonus to Gousto as it means that people expand their repertoire and skill set. The recipes will often include a method that a person has not used before - thus improving their culinary skill for the future too.

Perhaps the biggest downfall to Gousto is the packaging. While it has taken great strides in delivering food in a sustainable way, there is still a huge amount of waste that goes into the bin. By individually wrapping ingredients like sachets of soy sauce, small pots of honey, or plastic wrapped herbs, there is a big increase in rubbish in comparison to the traditional way of buying food. However, that being said, by pre portioning food, there is that much less waste in terms of produce that goes off. As supermarkets often sell food in bigger quantities, some individuals will find that they either have to eat a lot of one thing each week, or some of it has to be thrown away before being eaten.

That’s not the case with Gousto deliveries.

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Customer Service

In terms of convenience, Gousto is a fantastic option for people who want to save time in their busy lives. Delivery dates can be changed and altered to suit a person’s needs all through their online account, minimising the need to actually interact with a customer service rep at the company. However, should a customer need to contact Gousto in anyway, it can do so through the help page. Like many of its competitors, Gousto has an extensive FAQs area that should answer the majority of questions.

However, should further customer service be required, there is an online chat, email form or phone number individuals can use. The customer care teams are available from 9am to 7.45 during the week, and 8.30am to 7.45 at the weekends.

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All in all, Gousto is a good quality service that provides minimal fuss for people who want to eat well with none of the headaches surrounding food prep. It has an extensive choice of food available which is important to keep people interested and using the service. However, it also caters to a wide range of dietary requirements - vitally these recipes are still delicious and yummy to eat. Perhaps the one area where it lets itself down is that the portion sizes are slightly on the small size. Only marginally so however. But if you have hungry people in your household, you’ll need to supplement some of the meals that the company delivers with more veg or a hearty dessert too.

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