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HelloFresh delivers affordable, delicious recipes made from the best fresh and seasonal ingredients. Eating well has never been so easy or convenient.
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HelloFresh was one of the original meal kit delivery services. Started in an effort to help people make fresh, delicious meals in their home with none of the hassle, it started delivering specific produce for specific recipes to people’s door. Seeing a gap in the market that comes from modern day life being so short on time, HelloFresh wanted to help people eat convenient food that was not ladened with the same amount of salt and preservatives of convenience food.

It now delivers meal delivery kits to customers’ homes. It is a subscription based service that customers can sign up to - but it is easily adaptable should subscribers need to pause or skip deliveries. 

HelloFresh offers affordable, delicious recipes made from the best fresh and seasonal ingredients.

How To Get Started

The HelloFresh website is pretty easy to use. As a new subscriber, you are taken through the sign up process automatically by the company’s website. It first asks your name and details as well as how many people you want your box to feed. Additionally, it asks what type of box you require. The company have broken that down into:

  • Family - recipes will be kid tested to ensure that they’re child friendly.
  • Quick Cook - all recipes will be ready in under 20 minutes
  • Meat & Veggies - offering the widest variety of recipes, this box includes meals that include meat, fish and other seasonal ingredients
  • Veggie - a box suitable for those who don’t eat meat or fish.

Once you’ve selected which box you want the website asks you how many recipes you want a week in addition to the number of people. It then works out how much that will cost per serving, so you can really keep an eye on your budget.

The problem we found when trying out the service was that you had to sign up, register and pay before you could select your meals. While you can have a look at what recipes the company has provided in the past (it has an extensive library on the website), you actually do not know what exactly you are buying before you part with your cash. For people who are not fussy, that will be absolutely fine. Particularly if they are ultimately signing up with HelloFresh for the convenience factor of it. However, some may be rightfully reluctant if there are only a few foods they either like or can eat.

They should be comforted by the fact that there is a huge array of recipes on offer, and they change weekly too. However, if you are on a specific diet - like Pescatarian or Vegan, the number of options available are already that much more limited. It would be good for people with such dietary restrictions, which are not uncommon, to be able to see what they are signing up to. They need to know the service offers them food that they will enjoy making and eating.

Once customers have signed up for the service, they can choose their meal plan each week and do so well in advance as well. It is easy to pause or skip deliveries when needed. For example, if a customer is going on holiday or simply knows they are going to be out a lot one week, they may not want a kit delivered.

When the meal kits are delivered, food is individually packaged to help customers know what ingredients they need for which recipe. The clear recipe cards are easy to follow, and can vary in complexity depending on what a customer is happy to do in the kitchen. The packaging can really add up, but the company are committed to being both sustainable and CO2 neutral. Much of the packaging can be recycled or reused.

While customers will need to have a few basics in their kitchen (oil to cook with, pans, knives and cooking utensils for example), the recipes are designed to be idiot proof to create. Plus, what’s great about them is that you will have a lot more variety in your diet and your family’s using HelloFresh. The portion sizes too ensure that you do not overeat.

Get Started

Customer Service

The customer service at HelloFresh is ok. In the first instance, there is a virtual assistant that can help you with the most basic of questions. The problem with those however is that you have to phrase your question in a way the assistant understands - it’s therefore prone to mistakes. It can, however, quickly put you in touch with one of the customer care teams. We found them to be quick and attentive in their answers - you can send them a query through their website, via chat or a form. Additionally, you can contact them via phone or Facebook.

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HelloFresh is a service that can really help individuals who want to streamline their lives in a meaningful way. By taking out the need to do a big grocery shop each week or any form of menu planning, HelloFresh can provide customers with a varied diet that is interesting to eat yet nutritious too. Additionally, it can actually help save some customers money. If you are a household prone to food wastage, the pre measured ingredients will really help stop you wasting money on food you simply do not eat each week.

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