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HelloFresh delivers high-quality ingredients to help customers make restaurant standard food, yet with all the convenience of a take-out.
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HelloFresh was established to help make cooking homemade food easy. It, therefore, delivers all ingredients required in a recipe, chosen from the weekly HelloFresh menu, straight to a customer’s door. As a result, it takes all the hassle out of meal planning and food shopping for the week. What is left is a convenient way to create delicious and healthy food for a household at an affordable price.

What’s even better is that, despite the convenience, HelloFresh’s meal kits are nothing like convenience food. There are no ingredients laden with salt, sugar, fat, or preservatives. Instead, recipes taste great because they have been designed by chefs and dieticans. So, regardless of dietary requirements, it is possible to eat well using this service.

HelloFresh offers high-quality ingredients to help customers produce restaurant standard food at an affordable price

How to Get Started

HelloFresh is one of the most well-known meal kit delivery companies for a good reason. It has gained notoriety through an excellent reputation. Part of that reputation is down to a well-built website that is easy to follow - either when signing up for the service initially or simply updating your weekly preferences.

To get started in the first instance with HelloFresh, you will need to follow the site’s steps. Initially, you need to choose your overall preferences - so Meat&Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, Calorie Smart, Quick and Easy, or Pescatarian. You will still be able to choose from all these preferences in the menu selection, but the website will always show you the ones that are most relevant first.

Then, you need to decide how many people you are feeding at each meal, and how many recipes you want each week. You can choose between either 2 people to cook for or 4. The more people you cater for and the more recipes you create, the cheaper the price per serving becomes. Interestingly, the average cost per serving does not change if you choose a veggie-only diet. Many meal kit delivery services increase prices for meat-eaters, but not in HelloFresh’s case. It’s good to see that the company breaks down the price for customers at the initial stages so they can really keep an eye on their budget if they need it.

From that point, customers then need to register their account, give their delivery address, and then pay at the checkout. It is at that point that they can select their meals. Some customers may be put off by the fact that they can not choose their recipes before paying. However, while that is different from many other meal kit delivery providers, the range on offer that week can be viewed. In fact, the menus on offer for the next 6 weeks can be viewed, so customers can really get a feel for whether they want to sign up for this service in the long term.

Viewing meals as far as 6 weeks out will be important to many people for varying reasons. If you have fussy eaters in your household, you will want to know that there is enough on offer for them within your plan’s selection. Or, if you have a strict dietary restriction for a short while, you too may want to know that there is enough variety within HelloFresh’s menus.

The likelihood is that you will find that there is a wide variety of food to suit everyone in your household through HelloFresh. The company offers a vast range of options each week (often over 50) that lean towards the international fusion market. Some recipes take just 20-25 minutes to create, while others take a little longer. What’s great to see is that there are options called ‘Gourmet Plus’ for the occasions that you want to splash out a little more.

When signing up, customers will be asked what day of the week they want their meal kits delivered. What’s fantastic about HelloFresh is that its ingredients come packaged up in a box that keeps all ingredients chilled or frozen for up to 24 hours. As a result, deliveries can be left on a doorstep so customers do not have to be in to accept it.

That being said, if a customer wants to pause or skip deliveries entirely, they can do so. That’s another benefit to HelloFresh’s service. It is a highly flexible product so that customers are not tied into a subscription plan that does not work for them. So, if a customer is away for a few days or weeks, they are not spending money on a service they will not use.

Once delivered, customers are free to cook their recipes in any order they wish. Though, they should take notice of the best before dates on food. The recipe cards are very straightforward to follow, even for recipes that are meant to be more complicated. The company presumes that customers will have a few basic essentials in their kitchens, like pots and pans, salt and pepper, and oil.

Food is all pre-measured as to the amount required from the recipe which means portion sizes are all exact so it is hard to overeat with these meal kit delivery boxes. However, it does make them difficult to scale up if you have hungry eaters in your home.

Get Started

Customer Service

HelloFresh has a very extensive FAQ page. It is easy to search for topics that may help you to answer your query. If the FAQs do not offer you any guidance on what you need, it is possible to contact the company through its contact us page. There, the company offers a chatbot or a phone number if you want to speak to someone directly. This final option is overwhelmingly less and less common in this sector and a good example of how HelloFresh offers good value for money. Many competitors scrimp on their customer service department, whereas HelloFresh does not.

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Customers are rarely disappointed with their HelloFresh boxes. The reason being is that not only does HelloFresh deliver fantastic produce to help make delicious recipes, the company has also ensured that its service is as flexible as possible to help provide the ultimate convenience. The key to meal kit delivery boxes is that they fit into your lifestyle easily and are not a chore to use - or an unnecessary expense. With a slick operation behind the company’s tasty food, HelloFresh manages to deliver that convenience time and time again.

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