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Affordably priced meal kit delivery service offering easy to follow recipes and high quality ingredients. Customers are able to enjoy eating with none of the hassle.
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HomeChef was one of the original meal kit delivery services, yet it still manages to remain a market leader. Such an achievement is undoubtedly down to its consistently broad range of recipes as well as the flexibility it provides customers when it comes to meal planning and subscriptions. It, therefore, manages to appeal to many types of people - from the kitchen novice with strict dietary requirements to the master chef who eats anything and everything.

Affordably priced meal kit delivery service offering easy to follow recipes and high quality ingredients.

How to Get Started

Having been open for business for a while now means that signing up to HomeChef and its services is quick and easy as the company has nailed the process. The company even has an app that customers can download that makes signing up even easier than through their webpage. Customers simply choose from the online meal selection that is offered in accordance with the menu options provided. Those options are based on any dietary requirements, any allergies and simply any particular tastes that you love or hate. Customers also select how many servings each meal they order requires and how many times a week you want to cook from a HomeChef recipe.

Meal kits arrive in an insulated box so that customers do not have to be in when they are delivered. The box is, importantly, recyclable so that customers can help minimize waste. Ingredients arrive preportioned so that waste is further minimized as customers do not have to buy a huge pot of spice, for example, just to use half a teaspoon in a specific recipe. Customers will need some essentials - like oil for instance - but otherwise, everything is provided. Additionally, just basic equipment is needed in the kitchen to make each recipe, so there is no need for complicated gadgets to prepare delicious meals.

The big bonus about HomeChef is its flexible plan arrangements. Customers can pick from just under 20 meal options each week depending on whether they want a meat-based diet, fish or veg. From there, customers can pick to only see low carb meals or even low calorie, so if you are trying to use one of these services to help lose weight, HomeChef is a good option.

One of the big issues to HomeChef is that they don’t create all boxes in an allergen-free facility. So if you have a strong allergic reaction to anything, you can’t be confident that picking a HomeChef box means that you will be 100% safe. However, it does ask you to state if you want to avoid the following foods: pork, nuts, shellfish, dairy, red meat and mushrooms.

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Customer Service

HomeChef is a pretty big company now. While that is great in some respects, when it comes to customer service, it can mean you get a varied response according to who you get through to. Plus, its FAQ section is pretty short considering the vast product selection and services that the company offers.

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HomeChef is one of the originals which means it has had a lot of time to hone and expand its offering. Some of its meals are now available to buy premade in grocery stores - so it is always widening its ability to appeal to different types of customers. Throughout its product offering however, is the company’s want to be convenient to its clientele. This is reflected in how flexible its subscription plans are as well as offering premade meals, quick recipes and pre-portioned ingredients taking out a lot of hassle in the kitchen.

Ultimately, the company’s main meal kits are a painless way to ensure that you or your family eat a balanced diet of food that is quick and easy to prepare. By choosing your menu options a week in advance, you can make sure that you all eat the wide variety of ingredients that will make you eat far more healthily than any convenience food bought in store or from a take out ever could.

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