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Noom helps its customers change how they think and eat food by using psychology backed tools and 1:1 coaching to start long lasting healthy eating habits.
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Noom is a meal delivery kit with a difference. It promotes healthy eating but it does so to help people either get fit for good or lose weight. It does so by trying to dispel the myth that a fad diet will help a person lose weight for good. Instead, it underlines how fad diets can actually make a person gain weight over the course of their life.

Additionally, it is an app which sends you health coaching as well as helping you keep motivated and on track to your health goals. It asserts it is trying to help you ‘break your self-sabotaging behaviors’ and instead improve your relationship with food so that when you do lose weight or you do meet a fitness goal, it is not a short term thing.

Noom helps customers change how they think eat for good - promoting long lasting healthy eating habits.

How to Get Started

The website leads you through their sign up process pretty easily. It is extensive and thorough though so do set aside more than just five minutes to make the most of the question it asks you. Doing so helps the company create a personalised course for you to follow. It asks you more than just what you eat. It asks you when you eat and why you eat. It asks you when you exercise and why you sometimes do not exercise - along with many other questions so that it can get to the bottom of the best way to get you specifically to reach your goals.

It is entrenched in the theory that losing weight or getting more active is not just a physical notion, but a mental one - if not more so at times. In short, it wants to help people create long lasting good habits that help them lead a healthy lifestyle for good. You can also download the app and go through the detailed quiz there. The app is great as it means you can log in to your plan as and when you need - even when you are out and about.

The online quiz is also careful to consider any health issues you may be having. It asks about any conditions that may be preventing you from feeling as healthy as possible as well as looking into your mental health.

Once you’ve done all that, you then need to enter in your payment details before the site sets you up with its own Noom diet and regime for you to follow. It will, if you have not already done so, ask you to download the Noom app so it can send you updates from the Noom coach to keep you on the straight and narrow. The app also allows you to quickly track the foods you eat. You can either search the extensive website or just scan barcodes too. It then gives you rewards each time you eat something that is really good for you so that you can work towards a target on a daily basis too.  The app is also the place to input all your exercise activity as well as other information that you can measure, if possible, like your blood pressure and blood sugar.

Importantly, from the outset, customers have to start a mini course once they have signed up to the subscription plan. It takes just 10 minutes a day for 14 days and it is designed to help you fully understand your relationship with food as well as other nutritional need to knows and exercising basics.

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There’s a lot to like about Noom which is important for a company that is trying to improve people’s relationship with both food and therefore themselves. Plus, the company’s product really is steeped in evidence based methodology. It uses psychology to help keep each individual customer on track to losing the weight they want or achieve the fitness goal to which they aspire. The one to one coaching is one of the key ways it does this which is done well. You get things you need to tick off a list every day which is done with the intent of promoting good habits - it is not there to just nag you into submission.



For those looking for a quick fix for their diet, Noom is probably not the best place for them. But that is slightly missing the point. While it is a company that helps promote weight loss and help people achieve their fitness goals, what it really wants is for people to establish healthy habits that allows them to lead a better, more fulfilled life.

The monthly cost of keeping signed up to the system is perhaps the other off putting factor for many. Being just shy of £60 a month is something not to be sniffed at, but it also is not so astronomical that only the rich and famous can afford it. Plus, given all the health (both mental and physical) benefits that users are likely to enjoy, many users would argue it is well worth the money.

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