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Delivering quality ingredients to time poor customers who want to eat a wide variety of food without having to step foot in a grocery store.
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YesChef tries to give its customers back the time they waste planning out meals and shopping for food. They offer a wide range of recipes that customers can make so that they spend less time worrying about what to cook and instead spend more time relaxing or enjoying time with their families.

The broad variety of chef created recipes means that there will be something for everyone. The company have put a big emphasis on customers having some old family favourites to select as well as recipes that require a bit more culinary experimenting. Doing so will really push a customer’s taste buds and skill in the kitchen - meaning that cooking in the future will become easier and easier , if you use a meal kit delivery service or not.

Delivering quality ingredients to time poor customers who want to eat well without the hassle.

How to Get Started

Getting started with YesChef Boxes is exceptionally easy - as should be the case for any meal kit delivery service worth using.  Customers use the easy to navigate website to work through the plan options available to them, before picking the food they want delivered. Finally, customers can choose when their YesChef box is delivered to their front door on a day that suits them from the options available. Customers who sign up to a subscription plan need to log in on a weekly basis to choose their meal choices for the upcoming week.

Food comes already pre measured for the corresponding recipes so any wastage from having to bulk buy for a particular dish is minimised. As a result, this is a huge benefit to using YesChef, especially if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. Food wastage accounts for so much environmental damage as it means, as a population, we are not being energy efficient when it comes to food production. Any reduction in that, like only buying what we need, is helpful to the supply chain.

A big pro to the YesChef product is that there is a vast amount of flexibility within it. You can create your own subscription, create your own one off box, have a roast box delivered or simply sign up to a set box subscription. Plus, the company also offers a lazy day selection - which is food that is already prepared and only needs reheating. Finally, those that like a drink with their meals will be happy to see a wine selection available for their weekly delivery too.

Boxes can vary in size. For a create your own subscription, the smallest box is for 2 meals for two people. The largest weekly subscription box is for four meals for four people. When it comes to the one off box,  the same sizes are available. The set recipe box is on a subscription basis. Customers can choose either the meat box for two, or the vegan box for two. These boxes include four meals each and run on a four week cycle so you don’t get the same four meals each week.

Get Started

Customer Service

YesChef’s customer service is perfectly adequate. It does not advertise its contact details on its website until you log in through your account. That may be one step too many for some, but once a customer does contact the YesChef team, they are more than happy to answer a question or quibble. It is missing a FAQ page however, which is a shame as new customers may well have some basic questions before they part with their money. Signing up is how a person gets an account, so if a customer has any questions before they subscribe to YesChef, it is a bit tricky trying to find a person to contact initially.

YesChef Boxes


YesChef offers a great service that ultimately delivers what it wants to achieve. It takes a lot of stress and hassle out of food prep for time strapped individuals who want to spend less time in the kitchen. It is also great to see recipes vary in both cuisine but also complexity. It means that customers can also use this service to broaden their horizons when it comes to their repertoire, without having to buy any complicated equipment or source hard to find ingredients. Of particular note to this company’s meal kit dlievery service offering is its Roast box and special occasion boxes. Having a menu designed quickly when expecting a crowd is a great idea, that not many meal kit delivery services offer.

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